The Academy of Saint Matthias the Apostle
Small Classes, BIG Results!

Staff Contact List

Administrative Staff

Principal Mrs. Patricia Schratz
Administrative Assistant Mrs. Marsha Blackburn
Pastor Rev. John Kennealy

Teaching Staff

Pre-K Mrs. Courtney Smith
Pre-K Aid Mrs. Silvia Vazquez
Kindergarten Mrs. Christina Beal
Kindergarten Aid Mrs. Mary Kellermann
1st Grade Ms. Wendy Blanco
2nd Grade Ms. Kariann Campbell
3rd Grade Dr. Patrice Tyler
4th Grade Ms. Meghan Furth
5th Grade Mrs. Mary Gillis
6th Grade Ms. Barbara Madera
7th Grade Mr. Joe Saverino
8th Grade Ms. Aurore Anastassiadis


Library/MedTech/Admissions Mrs. Ann O’Hare
Physical Education Ms. Nicole Wright
Music Mrs. Deborah Hess
Technology/Resource Mrs. Julie Kelly
Before/Aftercare Director (ESP) Mrs. Georgeanne Reedy
Band Mr. Paul Martens