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6th & 7th Summer Spanish Work

June 14, 2016

Dear Incoming 6th and 7th Grade Spanish students:

I hope you will have a wonderful summer full of magnificent adventures! I also hope that you will do the summer Spanish work that I am assigning so that you can return to the classroom in the fall ready to begin our formal study again.

This summer, you may choose to do several things to practice your Spanish. You can focus on one website/App or you may mix it up and try different ones. is a place where you can practice individual words that increase in difficulty as you get words correct. Be careful! If you miss one, you will see it again very shortly so pay attention to the correct answer. When you go to the website, click new subject (on the left side of the word box). Under language learning, click Spanish. You will see a Spanish word with several choices for the meaning. Click the one you believe is correct. It will provide you with immediate feedback. For each correct answer you earn 10 grains of rice to feed hungry people throughout the world. EACH TIME you play free rice, go to Edmodo (which you joined here at school) and tell us the date you played, how long you played for, how many grains of rice you earned and a word you learned that you did not know. is another choice of a place to practice your Spanish. This is available in APP form or for your lap/desktop. Click on Basics one to begin, once you have signed up. IT IS FREE! Read the notes it gives you. Turn up the sound on your computer and begin. When you complete each section(it takes about 10 min), it gives you a strength score. Join us again on Edmodo to report to us the date, your score for the section you completed and something you learned from the section you did. You should be able to do the sections on phrases, plurals, food, present1, colors, adjectives1, and present 2.

Your third choice is NSE News (National Spanish Exam) click on exam preparation and then online practice. For vocabulary level one, you may do area 2: days of the week and months. For area 3, basic colors and family. For area 4, items found in class, math operations, and basic education words. For area 6, greetings and farewells, expressions of courtesy, and food expressions.

For the grammar section level 1, under nouns, you can do gender of nound, number of nouns, and definite articles. Under adjectives, do agreement and cardinal numbers 0-30. Under verbs, you can practice pronouns.

Again you will go to Edmodo and let us know what you practiced, the date, and the scores or words of encouragement you received.

This may seem like sooo much work but practice now makes you better prepared for the fall. I will expect to see you on Edmodo at least 2x per week over the summer beginning next week and continuing until the week of Aug.22. I will post questions to answer also.

Wishing you and your family a terrific summer! Mrs. Ann O’Hare

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