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8th Grade Spanish Work

June 14, 2016

Dear incoming 8th Grade Spanish Student:

I hope that you and your family are going to have a summer full of wonderful adventures. That said, I hope you are ready to do a bit of summer Spanish so that you do can reinforce all you have learned this year.

For your Summer Spanish, please use NSE News (National Spanish Exam official site) and Edmodo (which you already have joined).

When you click on NSE News, click on exam preparation and then online practice. There are many options for you to review. In the vocabulary section, go to cultural context area 2 and you can practice days of the week and months along with basic weather vocab. In area 3, you can do basic colors, and family. In area 4, review items found in class, math operations and basic education words. In area 6, review greetings and farewells, expressions of courtesy, likes and dislikes (using gustar) and food expressions.

In the grammar level 1, you can review gender of nouns, number of nouns, possession of nouns, and definite articles in the Nouns/Articles section. Under Adjectives, review agreement (gender and number), position, and cardinal numbers 1-30. Under Verbs, subject verb agreement, all verbs in present tense , idiomatic uses of tener, hace in weather expressions and expression future using ir + a+ infinitive should be practiced. In the Pronouns section, review subject pronouns and indirect object pronouns with gustar.

In the Reading Comprehension level 1, complete ONE test per week and one Listening Comprehension test per week.

For each time you practice, go to Edmodo and share with all of us the date you practiced , what you practiced (topics), and your results. I will expect to see you on Edmodo twice per week. Remember that you should complete one Reading Comprehension Level 1 test and Listening Comprehension Level 1 test each week (beginning next week and ending the week of Aug. 22). I will also be posting questions for you to answer.

If you have an questions or problems, yuu will find me on edmodo or I will be checking my email several times per week (

I hope that you and your family have a fabulous, relaxing summer and I look forward to reading your Edmodo posts in seeing you back in the fall.

Mrs. O’Hare

P.S. and are also fun if you are getting bored!

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