The Academy of Saint Matthias the Apostle
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The  archdiocese uses standardized tests to measure how well students master the concepts and skills being taught. These assessment tools also compare our students’ scores to others across the country.

We use a totally computerized assessment tool that offers distinct advantages for teachers, parents, administrators and students—including students with special needs.

The Scantron Performance Series

  • Reduces testing time by more than half and avoids test-taker fatigue
  • Adjusts to each student’s ability
  • Provides valuable information quickly so teachers can adapt instruction as needed
  • Produces easy-to-read, detailed reports
  • Records progress over time to aid in making decisions about tutoring, enrichment and
    remediation programs that may benefit your student

Our Testing Schedule

We administer tests in math and reading three times a year.

  • September – Diagnoses the student’s ability and establishes learning targets for the year
  • January – Charts progress and growth toward goals
  • May – Assesses goals accomplished

We also administer a Faith Knowledge Assessment in April that measures student knowledge of the concepts and principles of the Catholic faith taught in our daily religion classes.

Reporting to Parents

Parents receive testing reports in a clear and simple format. The information includes:
  • Ranking with peers in a national norm group
  • Ability independent of grade level
  • Projected performance on grade level performance standards
  • Improvement in performance over time
  • Silent reading rate
  • Level of reading on the Lexile Scale that helps you to select appropriate books at libraries or bookstores

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