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Fourth & Fifth Summer Reading

Dear Future Fourth and Fifth Grade Families,                                                      June 6, 2016

As we approach the end of the school year, it’s time to look ahead at our goals for the summer! While it is important for our students to enjoy some hard-earned downtime, it is also imperative that we encourage our students to maintain positive academic habits. This letter serves to inform you of ways to continue your child’s continued achievement in math and reading over the summer months.

This summer, to continue helping your child achieve his/her academic goals, it is important to maintain a consistent reading and math regimen. For reading, we expect your child to continue reading throughout the summer and write at least five letters to either Mrs. O’Hare or Ms. Kelly via the school address. You may have your child write these letters whenever he/she finishes a story. The letter should be written in letter format and include one to two paragraphs that state the title/author of the book as well as a brief summary. Mrs. O’Hare and Ms. Kelly will respond to the letters. This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to not only be held accountable for his/her work, but also it helps him/her to practice writing. From one of these books read over the summer, your child will choose one book they have read to create a poster board project for our Back to School Night presentation. This project is due August 31, 2016, the week we return to  school. We have attached the project rubric below.

To help your child with continuing his/her math achievements, please have him/her routinely use one of our online math portals. He/she may use the Mathletics account or the Prodigy game account. These two online math portals serve as a consistent check-in for math skills covered over the year as well as a foundational support for the upcoming goals of the next academic year. If you need your login, feel free to contact either Mrs. Bauman or Ms. Kelly.

Finally, thank you for a wonderful year. It has been a pleasure and joy to work with your child. We have achieved much this year and we look forward to next year! Have a wonderful summer!



Intermediate Teachers



Poster Book Project: Due Wednesday, August 31, 2016

After reading your book, you will construct a poster that presents the following information on a book of your choice that you enjoyed reading this summer. Please, use a poster board that measures 28 inches by 22 inches. Please no foam boards. The poster must include the following elements:

  1. Title and Author of the Book: This should be centered at the top of your poster.
  2. Brief Summary: Write one to two paragraphs detailing the main points of the story. Explain the plot of the story by stating the problem, the climax of the story, and the solution.
  3. Favorite Passage: Select a passage, or part, from your book, and copy it to your poster in quotation marks and list the page number. This passage must be significant, and it must consist of about 75 words. You will then write one to two sentences explaining why you liked the passage.
  4. Characters: You will write one paragraph about the main character of the story. What does he/she look like? What is his/her problem in the story? How does he/she solve the problem?
  5. Author’s Purpose: Write one sentence explaining the purpose of the book. Is the author trying to persuade you to do something, inform you of something, or entertain you?
  6. Pictures Related to the Book: You may choose to draw or print off pictures that resemble the characters, places, conflicts, or ideas present in your book. Add a caption to each picture explaining the picture as it relates to the book.

The work on the poster needs to be your own work. Remember, quality work is NEAT, COLORFUL, and COMPLETE SENTENCES. Happy reading!


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