The Academy of Saint Matthias the Apostle
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Religion is a part of daily life at St. Matthias. Regular Mass attendance and class participation in the preparation of a school liturgy is a treasured part of the religious education program. The community strives to provide an environment in which students can be caring, respectful and responsible individuals.


Religión es parte de la vida diaria en San Matías. Los estudiantes asistan a misa diariamente y la participación en clase en la preparación de una liturgia escolar es una parte atesorada del programa de educación  religiosa. La comunidad se esfuerza por proporcionar un ambiente en el que los estudiantes puedan ser personas cordiales, respetuosas y responsables.

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First Annual Appeal
The actual cost of educating one child at Saint Matthias was over $2000 more than the cost of tuition. This includes instruction and educational materials, and capital improvements. Your donations help us keep our tuition costs low. Thank you for your support!
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