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Extended School Program

The Academy of Saint Matthias the Apostle offers an Extended School Program (ESP). Below is an overview of the program, for more information please call 301-577-9412. The Director of the St. Matthias Extended School Program is Mrs. Georgeann Reedy.  She can be reached at 301-577-9412 (ext.220) or by email at


Before Care (7:00-8:00 a.m.)
After Care (school dismissal-6:00 p.m.)

The Director, in association with the Principal and Pastor, reserves the right to cancel an enrollment in ESP at any time due to repeated late pickups, behavioral problems, late payments, or returned checks / no payment.

St. Matthias Apostle School children are the only participants in the program.

The staff consists of the school’s teachers along with other qualified personnel.

Registration takes place in February.

The program is open on the days that school is in session.

Weather Related Delays and Closings
Delayed Openings: ESP follows Prince George’s County Public Schools. If Prince George’s County Public Schools are opening late, then Before Care will delay its opening by the same number of hours.
School Closings: If Prince George’s County closes early, then St. Matthias School will also close early and there will be NO After Care.
If school closes at the regular time, but after school activities are canceled, then ESP will close at 4:00 pm. It is your responsibility to be informed.

Regular School Absences
A child cannot be absent for the entire school day and then be dropped off for ESP.
If a student is not going to attend ESP for a particular day, a note signed by the parent or a phone call to the school office will be expected in order to release your child from ESP to a carpool.

Accident or Illness
If an accident occurs in the ESP, the Director will call the parent according to the severity of the injury. All head injuries will be reported to the parent no matter what the severity so than you can observe your child for the next 24 hours. The Director and Staff maintain CPR and First Aid certification, as required by the Maryland Child Care Administration.

Payments are due by the 30th of each month. You may not deduct days off due to a child’s illness or vacation.

The ESP program follows the same rules that apply during the school day and the children are expected to follow these same rules after school. For more information, please see the School Policy.

The Federal Tax I.D. Number for ESP is 52-0780-162.

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