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Alumni Spotlight: Emily Leach

We asked alumna Emily Leach, a Lanham native, share how Saint Matthias prepared her for her global adventure in animal science.  Here’s what she shared:

“Saint Matthias helped shape who I have become and continue to work towards because of teaching me to always work hard and work towards my goal. Teachers such as Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Doran challenged me and supported me to reach my goals of becoming a veterinarian. The projects we would do in science class and algebra helped me start applying my knowledge in practical settings. These skills transferred to my undergraduate studies in the Animal Science program at University of Maryland where I felt comfortable with hands on science that then allowed me to get into veterinary school. I will graduate from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in May 2016 and hope to come back to the area to serve the area I grew up and began my journey.”

We look forward to have Emily come back and share with our students when she is state-side next!





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