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Bridges Newsletter 9-21-17

Scantron Assessments

Unlike stated in last week’s Bridges, the parent reports will not be distributed until next week. The 6th and 8th grade students have not taken the math assessment due to their being at Blackrock Outdoor Education and Retreat Center. The reports will be sent home on September 28. However, the teachers have begun using the data available thus far to set goals for individual students as well as to plan for instruction for their classes. Last year our school experienced a 35% increase in our reading scores and a 16% increase in math achievement. However, it is important to note that we are determined to in- crease achievement even further in both reading and math. This will take great effort, not only on the part of the teachers, but also from the students. Parents also have a role to play. Supporting your chil- dren’s learning by ensuring they get enough rest, eat nutritious meals, do their homework, read nightly and practice math facts is critical. It is also important to encourage your children to set high goals, build up their confidence and believe in them.

Ice Pop FridaysIce Pop Fridays

The HSA will be selling ice pops beginning this Friday during lunch. If you would like to have your child purchase one, please put a dollar in his or her lunch box. The proceeds from the ice pop and pizza sales along with the HSA dues is used to fund events and treats for the children throughout the year.

Girls Basketball Update

St. Matthias is registering a girls’ basketball team with the Archdiocese of Washington CYO! We are very excited about this news. Any girl 10 years old and under are eligible to join the team. If your daughter(s) is interested please complete the interest survey attached to this newsletter.

Soccer Shootout

All students are invited to participate in the Knights of Columbus Annual Soccer Shoot Out on Saturday, September 30 at 9 AM on our soccer field.

Instrumental Band Program

The Academy of St. Matthias the Apostle is proud to offer our students in grades 4-8 the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument and participate in the school band. Band lessons occur on Friday mornings beginning on September 29. The schedule rotates so that students do not miss instruction in the same subject. The advanced band practices at recess on Fridays. There are a limited number of scholarships for new band members. Please see our principal, Mrs. Schratz for further information.


Read more in this edition of Bridges September 21 (PDF)

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