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Christmas Concert

The Saint Matthias family gathered together on Thursday, December 18th for a celebration of the performing arts and Christmas.  The church was full to capacity with supporters of our Saint Matthias students.

The night began with beginner and advanced bands showcasing their growth already this year.  Ms. Kate Suuberg is in her first year directing our band programs.  With the small class size, she is able to give real guided instruction to students.  Mrs. Hawkins lead both the grade-level students, the choir, and the audience in performances that brought together the community in celebration of Christmas and faith.  The night ended with the “Gods Rods” group performing “When Love was Born.”

We were honored to have special guests on hand, including Father Jordan, Superintendent Kelly Branaman, members of our school board, alumni, and the MOST special guests- wonderful families of our students!

More pictures will be posted!

Also, check out this video of our 8th grade

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