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Fall Festival: More Than Fun

As I walked through the parking lot on Monday at dismissal, I got a chance to speak to some of parents.  The word that kept coming up was COMMUNITY.  After last Saturday’s successful Fall Festival, we were all still riding the high of a wonderful day of fundraising and fun.  Our students had enjoyed time together, but so had our parents, extended families, community members and maybe even a few prospective students.

Our 8th grade students raised funds for their graduation and 8th grade trip.  Our 6th graders sold goods to raise money for a memorial for a classmate who died from brain cancer this summer.  Service to our school and to such wonderful, student-drive causes were all around us.

Huge thanks to the H.S.A. and Mrs. Richards for putting together a day where our preschoolers all the way up to our alumni had fun!  My hour in the dunk tank was one where I laughed and cheered (yes, and froze a bit!).

At Saint Matthias, we are a community.

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