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Learning Shines at Academic Expo

Saint Matthias hosted their first Academic Expo on Wednesday, October 29, 2015.

Our youngest scholars showed off their hands-on work on academic stations.  The integration of standards-based learning with motor and social skill development means students love learning!  Our PreK and Kindergarten students had their little blue and little yellow art paintings displayed in Friendship Hall.


First and second grade shared their learning fun from this week’s Harvest Festival!  The displays were complete with pictures and reflections.  1st grade art work of cat face with watercolors were outside their classroom, and also worked on primary/secondary colors with gumball machine printmaking.  2nd grade artists worked on pumpkin paintings that are on display in the stairwell.  2nd grade also had their gumball primary/secondary color prints were on display in the hallway.



Our intermediate grades (3-5) collaborated this fall on an Opera unit.  Students prepared in their classes and in music class for a trip to the Kennedy Center to see the opera “Carmen.”  Their reviews of the performance were on display.  The 3rd grade also made gumball machine prints, reviewing the primary and secondary colors.  Outside of 4th and 5th grade, art work of cave paintings were displayed.  Additionally, the 5th grade had “Day of the Dead” skull drawings displayed in their classroom.  (Please see the fun from that day here:

6th grade shared their movie posters in the classroom, with the reports on display in hallway.  6th grade students were also able to share their reading journals with friends and family. 7th grade students presented on the mummification process from Ancient Egypt, sharing their work on a pumpkin mummy!  8th grade students all presented a book or author review to their parents and peers, focusing not only on language arts standards, but also formal presentation skills.  The middle school also shared their recent Spanish listening/drawing activity.  Each product was different and fun!  Outside of art room, the cave paintings of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade were on display.

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Music, Technology and Physical Education classrooms were open for families to hear about the hands-on learning going on in all grades!

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