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Mrs. O’Hare’s Five Favorite Books for Fall

Mrs. O'Hares Five Favorite Books for Fall

Mrs. O’Hare, our librarian, has created a list of her top five reads for this Fall!

When’s the last time you REALLY got into a good book or series?  With the recent surge in book-to-movie successes in the young adult genre, don’t count out these great reads for those of you who are older than middle school!

Crash by Jerry Spinelli –John Crash Coogan has always had tough, aggressive behavior until he meets a Quaker boy.

Schooled by Gordon Korman– Cap Anderson has been homeschooled in a commune with his hippie grandmother.  When he begins to go to the public middle school, he becomes the target of bullies.

Any of the I Survived Books by Lauren Tarshis– These are stories about events in history.  Would you have what it took to survive?

Absolutely Almost by Lisa Graff– If you are not the smartest, tallest, best in P.E., art or music, take heart.  Join Albie as he uncovers his strengths.

Rule of Three by Eric Walters  This is the first book in a trilogy!  A viral catastrophe shuts computers down world-wide.  Soon resources dwindle and the quest for power begins….


Mrs. O’Hare is our librarian for our 4th through 8th grade students.  At Saint Matthias, students read everyday and in many ways!  Why?  We know it makes life-long readers who enjoy accessing the text-based world around them.  Our standardized test scores prove it, too- with over 80% of the students reading at or above grade level!  Over a third of the students were reading above grade level by the end of the 2013-2014 school year.

Along with the above links, you can find these books listed on Amazon here


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