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Mrs. Coyle Comes to Visit

Long time and award winning teacher, Trina Coyle

Long time and award winning teacher, Trina Coyle

Why Saint Matthias?


In 2013, Trina Coyle won the Archdiocese of Washington Golden Apple. Trina and her husband moved from Bowie, Maryland to Delaware after her retirement.  Last winter, she shared in our newsletter about her reasons for spending her career teaching at Saint Matthias. In celebration of her special visit today, here is the text of her January 2014 article.

Catholic Schools Week 2014 was the first time in a very long time that I was not a part of the celebration, which I have to say, felt a little strange! For years, I was a part of the planning and preparing as the celebration drew near. In June 2013, I retired from teaching and in September moved to Lewes, Delaware. For 32 years, Saint Matthias was my home away from home. I say this because working at Saint Matthias was not just a job. It was like being a part of a family; a family of teachers, parents, and students working together. We celebrated success together and helped one another if someone needed support. Being at Saint Matthias for so many years enabled me to watch little Pre-K babies grow into teenagers ready to go off to high school. It brought me such joy when they came back as high school or college students and even adults to let us know how they were doing! My students are “my kids” and boy were there a lot of kids over the years! You all hold a special place in my heart. I feel blessed to have been a part of the caring community at Saint Matthias. It’s hard to stay away, I have already come to visit. For me Saint Matthias will always be a home , a safe place, and a joyful institution. Someone once described Saint Matthias as a hidden gem and it truly is. So here’s to Saint Matthias and all the wonderful people that help make it the gem that it is.

—Mrs. Trina Coyle


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