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Third Grade Participates in International Tulip Project

The following reflection was written by the 3rd grade students after the completion of their International Tulip Project.

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This year third grade participated in the Tulip Project. The Tulip Project explored seasons around the world using tulip gardens. In the fall, we studied and made observations of the tulip bulbs. We weighed our bulbs and made hypotheses about when they would emerge. Each person planted one red emperor tulip bulb. We buried the bulbs eight inches deep on November 5. A brown circle appeared on the Internet tulip map showing that St. Matthias planted a tulip garden. We waited all winter. We recorded the air and soil temperatures. Finally, on March 13, our tulips emerged. A green circle on the tulip map showed that our tulips had emerged. We measured and recorded the growth of the tulips. The tulips bloomed on April 7. A red circle on the tulip map showed that our tulips had bloomed. Four of our tulips didn’t have flowers. The tallest flower was 15 ½ inches. Most tulips had one flower, but two tulip plants had two flowers. The large tulip petals were shiny red. The pollen-making stamens were purple. The pistil was yellow and orange. Tulips south of Maryland bloomed in early spring. Many tulips north have not yet bloomed. Third grade thought the Tulip Project was fun.

Here is the student data on a map, which you can access on the International Tulip Website:



Learn more about the International Tulip Project


2 Responses to Third Grade Participates in International Tulip Project

  • I love this report and the entire Tulip Project! Great Science skills (weighing, measuring, predicting, recording) AND beautiful flowers for your school’s garden – that’s a win-win! I hope you have more fun projects planned, and that you will share them. Happy Spring!

  • Wonderful tulip project! Do you plan to keep monitoring your tulips after the season ends?

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